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Close Gaps and Smile Naturally with Dental Bonding

A gap in your smile is hard to hide, especially when it’s between your front teeth. Dental bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can close your gap naturally to make your smile appear more pleasing. You can come to Mid-Valley Dental Care in Northridge, California, for dental bonding treatment.

Dental Bonding for Gaps 

Bonding front teeth is a quick way to close gaps between your teeth and improve your smile’s esthetic appeal. An evaluation by your Northridge, California dentists, Drs. Terence, Casey, and KLayla Lau will determine if bonding is a good fit for you. 

Bonding makes use of composite resin tooth-colored material to fill the gap between your teeth. First, we’ll prepare your teeth by etching the surface and applying a conditioning liquid that helps the resin material stick. Next, we’ll apply the resin material to your teeth and mold it to cover the gap and take the shape of your natural teeth. Once it’s ready, we’ll harden the material onto your teeth using ultraviolet light. Finally, we’ll polish your teeth to enhance their appearance. The entire process can be completed in one dental visit. 

Dental bonding:

  • Offers a quick, natural-looking means of fixing gaps between teeth
  • Doesn’t require removal of tooth enamel, so the process can be reversed if needed 
  • Can last for years with proper care
  • Can also be used to conceal stains, chips, or cracks in your teeth to give your smile a smooth, unblemished appearance

Are You a Good Candidate for Bonding?

For minor tooth flaws or small gaps between your teeth, bonding offers a practical, cost-effective means of improving your smile’s appearance instantly. If you’re a habitual smoker, coffee drinker, nail-biter, or tooth grinder, bonding may not be the best cosmetic treatment for you, as these habits can stain or chip your newly bonded teeth over time.

To schedule a consultation for dental bonding treatment, contact your Northridge, CA dentists from Mid-Valley Dental Care at (818) 886-3500.

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