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Are you familiar with the symptoms of oral cancer? Because oral cancer is such a deadly disease, it is important to make sure it is found as soon as possible. Every single year in the United States, over 40,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancers. Of those individuals, the 5-year survival rate is roughly 64%. Optimal recovery often depends on finding the cancer in time. Thus, always look for common symptoms and visit your dentist for oral cancer screenings as needed.

Usually, oral cancer comes with many visual and physical clues as to its presence. Oral cancer is typically associated with frequent unexplained bleeding that occurs within your mouth. This can be accompanied by persistent sores that do not heal within two weeks of showing up. Other common visible indications include swelling or thickening of the areas inside your mouth as well as velvety white, red, or speckled patches.

Other indications of oral cancer include changes in the way your mouth works. If you’re having any difficulties chewing or swallowing as well as speaking or moving your tongue as needed, it could be an indication of oral ailments such as cancer. A chronic sore throat, a change in your voice, rotated teeth, or the feeling that something is caught in the back of your throat are all common symptoms of oral cancer.

However, even if you do not show any signs or symptoms, you still may be suffering from it. Be sure to make time in your life to visit your dentist at Mid-Valley Dental Care for an oral cancer screening. To schedule the screening with Drs. Terence Lau or Casey Lau, you can get ahold of our dentist office in Northridge, California, by calling 818-886-3500.