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Mid-Valley Dental Care features CT scanning to create high-quality, 3D images of your teeth, jaws, and supporting structures. This state-of-the-art technology helps Drs. Terence Lau and Casey Lau to understand your dental needs and provide more effective treatments. Please contact our office at 818-886-3500 for more information on CT 3D imaging in Northridge, California, and to set up your appointment with our dentists.

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We are committed to using the latest technology at Mid-Valley Dental Care, including CT, or cone beam, 3D imaging. Three-dimensional images allow our team to view a comprehensive structure of your smile so that we can quickly diagnose your dental needs and provide highly customized and effective treatment. Cone beam technology is a highly advanced system that reveals more of your oral and facial structure than can typically be seen with a normal digital X-ray.

Drs. Terence and Casey Lau can utilize 3D imaging in all reconstructive, orthodontic, and surgical procedures in order to view a full image of your teeth, jaws, ears, nose, throat, and neck. Specific uses of 3D imaging include:

• Planning a dental implant placement
• Diagnosing tooth decay
• Evaluating oral and facial trauma
• Studying abnormal teeth
• Analyzing a TMJ disorder
• Planning and monitoring orthodontic treatment
• Detecting endodontic issues and planning a root canal procedure

A CT scan is completed in about 90 seconds and emits far less radiation than traditional dental X-rays, protecting your general health without compromising the quality of the images. During the procedure, you will sit or stand still while the system takes hundreds of pictures in a matter of seconds. These pictures form an exact 3D image of the inner mouth, jaw, and face. We can zoom in on specific areas to take a closer look at your oral health and detect even the most microscopic problem areas. CT 3D imaging reduces treatment, improves your comfort, and enhances the final results of your dental work.

Learn more about CT 3D imaging today by contacting our office to meet with our dentists.

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