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Teeth Whitening in Northridge, CA

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Your smile is a crucial tool for your everyday life. It affects eating, speaking, and smiling, which are all essential for creating valuable friendships. But if your smile is stained or discolored, you may feel that it hurts your self-esteem and confidence. That’s why, at Mid-Valley Dental Care, we offer one of the best teeth whitening systems available. 

LED-assisted teeth whitening is the ideal solution for people looking to whiten their teeth in just one appointment. You can treat your smile at our Northridge office or in the comfort of your own home.

Unlike store-bought whitening strips, our technology eliminates surface stains and years of discoloration from underneath your enamel. Read about this advanced whitening technique in our guide.

Our Advanced Teeth Whitening Process

Step 1: Preparing Your Mouth

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We’ll begin your journey to a whiter smile by scheduling your appointment at Mid-Valley Dental Care. One of our knowledgeable dental professionals will deep-clean your teeth. If necessary, we’ll also treat any underlying oral health issues. Then, we’ll brush your gums and lips with a protective solution. 

Step 2: Applying Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

After we’ve prepped your mouth, we’ll apply our whitening gel. The treatment is designed by dental specialists for people with sensitive teeth. While you may feel more sensitivity in the days following, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain during your procedure. 

One of our dentists will then expose your teeth to our LED lights. These help the gel release and dissolve stains left by years of wine, coffee, berries, and other dark foods. We’ll check every 15 minutes to monitor the shade of your teeth, making sure we achieve your dream color!

Step 3: Revealing Your Dream Smile

We’ll stop your treatment once you decide you’ve reached your ideal shade. At this time, our dental professionals rinse the gel and protective solution from your mouth. You’ll then leave our office in as little as an hour with the rejuvenated smile of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Rejuvenate Your Appearance at Mid-Valley Dental Care

You can restore your smile to the perfect shade for you using our revolutionary LED teeth whitening. It takes just three steps in one hour to give you the smile of your dreams. Designed with sensitive patients in mind, our whitening gel penetrates your enamel and digs up years of stains for a stunning appearance. 

Contact us to schedule your whitening appointment today by calling our Northridge, CA office at (818) 886-3500.

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