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Who would choose to go to the dentist if instead, they could lay out on a beach in Hawaii? It turns out that imagining such things while you are sitting in the dentist’s chair can help reduce your dental anxiety. Many people feel anxious when it comes to the dentist. That anxiety can increase when a patient is faced with a more serious procedure beyond a cleaning and exam.

While medication can provide relief for some people, others would prefer to avoid chemical sedation if they can help it. We have some suggestions if you would like to reduce your dental anxiety without the need for sedatives.

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Try imagining you are someplace else. Pretend you are on that tropical island, or another comfortable space.

Deep breathing can be used with other relaxation techniques, but some people have found that by concentrating on taking slow deep breaths, they are able to relax.

Even though hypnosis is often used for entertainment, clinical hypnosis can aid in relaxation and in relieving anxiety.

By planning ahead for your appointment you can take some the stress out of the experience. Plan your visit for a time when you won’t feel rushed or stressed-out. Avoid caffeinated drinks and sugar before the visit. If you deal with dental anxiety, let the dentist know.

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