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Tooth enamel is the toughened mineral covering on your teeth that covers the dentin, a second layer of the teeth designed to protect the tooth pulp. Your tooth pulp houses the connective tissues, the blood vessels, and the nerves in your teeth. If dental pulp becomes infected, Dr. Terence Lau may need to perform a root canal to save your tooth.

Tooth enamel is stronger than any other tissue in your body, including your bones, but it’s still vulnerable to tooth decay. In order to maintain excellent oral hygiene and protect your smile, you need to practice regular dental care, including visiting the dentist regularly for professional dental cleanings.

Our dentists recommends root canals as a last treatment, but may suggest one for many reasons, such as tooth decay, a tooth weakened by repeated dental procedures, or to treat cracks, chipped, chips, or a root that has been fractured.

There is no need to avoid a root canal because you fear the pain; root canal treatment is intended to relieve pain that an infected tooth can cause. An infected tooth can lead to a persistent toothache, tooth sensitivity, or swelling in the gums and neck area, which is why you should receive treatment as soon as possible. Untreated tooth pulp eventually dies, leading to lost bone tissue and the inevitable loss of the tooth.

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