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A total dental extraction is often the last form of treatment offered to address a severely decayed or damaged tooth. This often involves suturing the gums followed by a course of prescription pain medication. If there are concerns about a dental abscess of periodontal infection, Dr. Terence Lau might also include a prescription for antibiotics.

After all the affected tissues have fully Dr. Terence Lau and his staff specialists might recommend replacing the extracted tooth with a dental bridge.

This dental restoration treatment is designed to install a single piece of dental work comprised of an artificial tooth, bonded firmly on each end to a dental crown. It will need to be cemented onto abutments prepared from the two healthy teeth neighboring the void. This involves carefully removing the existing tooth enamel to leave behind two healthy dentin pillars.

A detailed impression will be prepared of the area. This will serve as a guide for the dental lab technicians tasked with creating the dental bridge.  

After it has been completed and secured to the abutments with a special dental adhesive, the dental bridge will complete the dental restoration process. This will allow you to enjoy the full function of the previously missing tooth.

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