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Your teeth play a very important role in biting, chewing, and breaking down food for digestion. Sometimes the tooth enamel or the tooth itself can be compromised by grinding your teeth, chewing on on ice, hard foods pens or other objects, or by a blow to your mouth.

Even if the damaged tooth doesn’t cause you any immediate pain or sensitivity, you should still have the tooth examined and treated by our dentist, Dr. Terence Lau. Without professional care, bacteria could build up in the damaged area and result in a cavity. Your course of treatment will be determined by the severity and location of the damage.

Sometimes, a dental filling can be used to repair the damaged area. If the compromised area is large enough the dentist may decide to treat it with a dental inlay or onlay.

If our dentist is concerned about the structural integrity of the compromised tooth, or if the tooth was previously repaired with a dental filling he might recommend a dental crown. A crown covers the tooth and replaces the tooth’s enamel layer with gold alloy, dental grade porcelain, or other material.

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